Mechanical Solutions in Machined Graphite

Gerken is a leading producer of graphite components for handling and casting of molten metals and in the glass industry.

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Molten metal pumps

Gerken is the official European distributor of pumps and mixer for molten metal of American society Mmei (Molten Metal Equipment Innovation) : circulation pumps, circulating pumps with gas injection, transfer pumps, scrap submergence : SCRAPEATER

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Electrical Machine Solutions

Gerken designs and manufactures components for rotating electrical machines used in industry:

carbon brushes, brush holder, slip rings...

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Electrical machines need to be regularly monitored to maintain their performance.  Gerken offers you unrivalled technical support to ensure concerns and queries are quickly resolved.

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Gerken SA is one of the main design centres for the Gerken engineering group.
This facility, alongside our offices in France and Germany, offers engineering and design services matched to the needs of our customers.

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R&D and Test Centres

Gerken has R&D and test centres in Belgium, France and Germany.
The facility in Gerken SAS, France can replicate some of the most extreme environmental and load conditions our products face in service. 

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