Graphite solutions for handling molten aluminium and non-ferrous metals


Machined graphite for processing molten metals

Our graphite machining capability allows us to manufacture complex parts for processing molten metals in extreme high-temperature conditions.
Gerken components are widely used in the aluminium industry, and our ability to supply reliable parts for all stages of metal processing means we are also key suppliers to the zinc, brass and copper industries.
Gerken's high quality graphite parts are used in:

  • Shafts and rotors (with anti-ox treatments) for degassing units
  • Casting rings for billets and moulds
  • Molten metal pumps for transfer and circulation
  • Continuous casting rings
  • Crucibles
  • Mixers for rapid recycling of scrap


Anti-oxidation treatment

Gerken has developed an advanced processing technology to increase the life of graphite components under the extreme high temperature conditions encountered in molten aluminum and zinc baths.

Casting rings

Saturn is a division of Gerken SA, specialising in the design and manufacture of AccuRingTM billet casting rings for hot top and air casting moulds.  The range was developed by veterans of the aluminium industry using Gerken’s graphite machining expertise.

Our high quality standards and checks ensure total reliability for our customers.