Molten metal pumps

Gerken is the official European distributor of pumps and mixer for metal in fusion of the American company MMEI (Molten Metal Equipment Innovation).


 MMEI offer a complete line of engineered molten metal pumps

  • Circulation Pumps
  • Circulation Pumps with Gas Injection
  • Transfer Pumps

Our pumps are intended for use with non-ferrous metals

  • Aluminium, Zinc, Zinc Alloys, Tin, Lead etc.

Our pumps are available in different sizes depending on requirements

  • Mighty Mite (smallest)
  • Mini HF
  • Workhorse HF
  • THOR
  • MOLTAR (largest)

Users of our circulation pumps include:

  • Secondary aluminum producers
  • Die Casters
  • Billet producers
  • Rolling mills
  • Foundries
  • Anyone who is melting metal!

We also offer gas injection pumps designed for injecting gas into the metal.

  • It provides all the benefits of a circulation pump PLUS gas injection!
  • It is the method of choice for demagging (removing Magnesium from the metal) by injecting chlorine.
  • The gas is injected directly into stream of metal – the flow is used to shear the gas and for improved mixing.

MMEI offers a wide variety of different transfer pumps to match the application:

  • Traditional transfer pumps with refractory lined piping.
  • Quick-submersion pumps for emptying vessels quickly.
  • Launder transfer pumps for moving metal quiescently for accurate flow control and maximum metal quality.


Circulation & Gas injection pumps

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Transfer pumps

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