Transfer pumps

MMEI offers three molten metal transfer pumps, the larger WORKHORSE HF, the smaller MINI HF, and even smaller, the MIGHTY MITE.

Each pump is a proven hard working performer, engineered to provide maximum flow rates and higher lift capabilities. For transferring large amounts of metal fast, pumping metal to higher heights, or for ensuring a controlled flow of metal, MMEI has the pump that will do it reliably and safely. Typical applications for our transfer pumps include filling ladles of all sizes, emptying furnaces, transferring metal between furnaces and any application where a flow of metal is required in the production process.


The WORKHORSE, MINI, and MIGHTY MITE are available in either top or bottom feed versions and are designed for use in both aluminum and zinc applications. Each pump is also offered with either an air motor or with an electric motor complete with electric drive and controls for maximum performance and reliability.


All three pumps, the WORKHORSE, MINI, and MIGHTY MITE feature a robust shaft and stout posts, engineered for maximum strength and each is protected with a ceramic sleeve to ensure superior service life. The rotor features our advanced dual-flow “Hook” design, developed to maximize the flow of molten metal. Our shaft coupling is engineered to allow fast, easy shaft changes while providing secure, precision turning of the shaft and rotor. 


Unlike other pumps, our unique riser is not a structural member of the pump and can be easily replaced. The riser sits on a button located on the base and is attached at the top with a simple bolt-on clamp. Changing the riser is now a simple operation. It can even be changed while the pump is still hot, thus reducing downtime! All of MMEI’s pumps are designed to be assembled in less than an hour. 


All of our pumps are self-aligning. Thus, they do not require an alignment fixture for assembly or repairs, therefore, allowing you to rebuild our pumps faster and easier. 


Rugged design, high metal flow and lift capabilities, and longer service life make the WORKHORSE, MINI, or MIGHTY MITE Transfer Pumps the right choice for transferring your molten metal. Please contact us for more info.


MMEI also offers the Speed Demon.  The Speed Demon is a great pump for all types of maintenance applications.  It is easy to operate and handle.  Its small size and quick immersion times make it possible to use where other pumps can’t operate.  It is perfect for emptying filter or degassing boxes, emptying furnaces for repair or alloy changes, filling ladles, etc.  It also improves safety as it can be operated from a safe distance from molten metal, and eliminates the need to hand ladle.


MMEI also offers the Metal Maiden.  The Metal Maiden is available in stainless steel for use with Zinc or Lead alloys and cast iron for Tin alloys where nickel contamination is a concern.  As always, the Metal Maiden is engineered to provide long service life.


speed_demon        metal_maiden