Other electrical solutions

Lightning Protection

Wind turbines, by their nature and location, act as excellent lightning conductors. A lightning strike can lead to extensive damage to critical wind turbine components, including the main shaft and yaw bearings.

Gerken's lightning protection systems are tested to DIN Standard 62305 Class 1 (Offshore) and Class 2 (Onshore) and protect turbines worldwide.

Ancillary Components

Alongside our extensive range of carbon brushes, brush holders, slip rings, hub control units, earth dissipation and lightning protection systems, we also offer a wide selection of complementary products.

These include connectors, insulators, spindles, knuckle joints, bus-bars, wiring looms, phase kits and more.  All are engineered for reliability and long-life to support your maintenance needs.

Earth Dissipation Systems

The build-up of damaging electrostatic charges is a widely recognised cause of premature bearing failure on wind turbines.  Our grade V2141 not only addresses this problem, but performs better and gives significant improvements in slip ring condition when compared with leading competitors’ materials in use.  

The systems we offer for bearing protection work by providing an alternative path to earth for these discharge currents and are already widely used by leading OEMs.  

Hub Control Units – Power and Signal Transfer

Our hub control units are complete slip ring and brushgear units designed to transfer power, signals and data.

The units are available in standard configurations for many turbines.

We supply both shaft-mounted types and systems with internal bores for hydraulic fluid transmission.

Rebuilds of original units can be carried out on most types in use today, or we can develop a bespoke unit for you.