What Makes Gerken Different?

Gerken is the leading independent European manufacturer of carbon brushes, carbon strips for pantographs and machined graphite components, together with a host of related products.

Our independence is just one key difference which distinguishes us from competitors.   

Our shareholding in E-Carbon America has helped us achieve full vertical supply integration, from raw materials to the finished carbon product, ready to fit in customers’ critical equipment. 

The sole focus of our business, now and for the future, is in carbon and graphite. We are totally committed to the development of carbon materials and processes to support key market developments the rapidly growing markets of railway electrification, semiconductor manufacture, metal processing  and renewable energies including wind and Solar PV.

We are not influenced by shareholder pressures or the demand for short-term profitability.

Our companies have over a century of experience, with Gerken itself being created and run by three generations of the same family.

Gerken will remain devoted to carbon and graphite, building long term partnerships with our customers and supplying high quality, innovative products at competitive prices, backed by unrivalled technical support and R&D.

Contact us to learn more about our unique philosophy and how it can support your business.